About Us

We Provide Financial Solutions

Running a business is tireless. From general procedures to key strategic decisions—and everything in between—keeping track of daily operational details takes time and expertise. It can easily become too much for a business to handle with its existing personnel. As a Company begins to grow or simply begins to plan for growth, the need to develop the executive team becomes paramount to successfully managing the business. While not all businesses are ready for this level of commitment, having access to the expertise and leadership qualities of a skillful, experienced executive can still be a reality.  

Many businesses are hesitant to add an executive level salary to their team, while some may not need this level of service in a fulltime capacity. CFO for Hire provides the guidance and support to navigate through this crucial stage of a business without the commitment of a full time hire.

CFO for Hire helps business owners and managers who are ready to take their company to the next level. We serve clients with a variety of goals, from simply running their business or optimizing operations, to preparing to sell their company. CFO for Hire offers both part-time and full-time outsourced services tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We act as Chief Financial Officer, VP of Finance, Controller, as well as any other crucial finance or accounting roles. We work with each client to customize our services to achieve their goals and accommodate their organization’s needs.

Our Approach

First and foremost, we are NOT a referral service like you may find with other third party CFO websites. Our executive team is personally involved in the planning, analysis, and continued participation of each and every client, regardless of their size or needs. CFO for Hire is completely invested in our clients’ success. We take the utmost pride in helping businesses achieve their goals. Our chief objective is to empower our clients in their pursuit of success by supporting their vision and implementing innovative solutions.  Our clients’ success is our success.

While our team members possess experience in a wide range of industries and specializations, CFO for Hire is also a member of multiple organizations which enable us to collaborate with a global network of experts and enables us to find the proper benchmarks for each industry we service.