What We Do

CFO for Hire offers both full-time and part-time services to business owners and key stakeholders seeking to improve their organization’s financial well-being. We offer flexible, innovative solutions based upon data-driven systems. Our aim is to help clients gather and interpret high quality business data then use it to improve their operations.   

No client ever receives the same “playbook” of solutions, each engagement is custom designed to their specifications.    

We start with a simple three step process which enables clients to:

(1) organize their data,

(2) understand their data, and then most importantly,

(3) use the data to make the proper adjustments and improve upon the company’s results. 

Throughout this process, we empower key managers across an organization to perform at their highest potential.

Outsourced CFO Services

Oftentimes, achieving success means freeing up key business stakeholders to focus on the areas where they excel. These days, many business owners have recognized the benefits of outsourcing their organization’s finance department. CFO for Hire is eager to partner with clients in pursuit of their organization’s success.

Our clients are amazed at the peace of mind that comes with turning their complex finances over to the CFO for Hire experts. Our team manages all aspects of a company’s financial ecosystem. Every engagement benefits from the oversight of the CFO for Hire executive team. We are equipped to help with hiring and training staff, creating manuals and procedures, and unlocking the keys to financial success. With these tasks removed from their to-do lists, CFO for Hire clients can focus their attention in other areas in order to enable them to do what they do best. We are excited for this opportunity to partner with you!

Our core outsourced CFO services include:

• Budgeting & forecasting
• Monthly financial reporting packages
• Tax planning
• Mergers & acquisitions
• Due diligence
• Service on board of directors
• Cash planning and management
• Owner/Key Personnel Transition
• Key Performance Indicator (KPI) creation and dashboarding
• Permanent CFO placement and training
• Employee mentoring and training
• Operational analysis
• Family Office Services

Outsourced Controller Services

A business’ controller is a key player. They provide stability in day-to-day operations, direction in making key decisions, and advice for achieving business goals. For most organizations, the loss of a controller is a huge upset. It is one of the most difficult transitions that a business owner or manager might face in their career. CFO for Hire is here to help companies that find themselves in this situation.

Whether an organization is dealing with a controller transition or it has simply arrived at the point in its business growth where it is time to add a controller to the team, CFO for Hire can help. We offer services as a controller in either a temporary or permanent capacity. Our goal is to make organizational transitions as wrinkle-free as possible and provide extensive support.

Our core outsourced controller services include:

• Assistance with staffing, including permanent controller placement and training
• Budgeting & forecasting
• Monthly reporting packages
• General ledger maintenance
• Cash planning and management
• Software upgrades/implementation
• Internal control evaluation
• Evaluation and training of accounting staff